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"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech."

                                                                         Greek poet (556 BC - 468 BC)
Collection of Poems
Written: By Aribel  Leon Parris

I was that broken vase
shattered into many pieces,
glued, but not intact;

I was a cracked egg shell,
sustained by its own lining;

I was a half note,
waiting to be whole;

I was a doughnut with the hole,
hewed out from the center of its core;

I was a balloon,
trying to stay afloat,
yet filled with many holes;

I was a plucked rosebud,
petals deflowered
before its time;

I was that mocking bird,
with no vocal chord
to sing its tune;

I was a coma patient:
yet completely 
out of touch, 
with life;

And felt like a jig saw puzzle
cut into many pieces,
where some pieces fit,
while others did not;

a part, apart;

But an evolving

Bankrupt - a person who is lacking in a particular thing 

The Mask
Must I hide 
such a dreadful secret,
And wear the smile
of a clown,
Or that of a joker
behind a mask?

When that which I asked not
was taken by a thief
in the darkness
before the morning's light
a possession
that does not belong;

Leaving me stripped,
with the dislike of you
and the shame of me.

Please don't touch me,
I pleaded!

Yet, time and again,
You proceeded.

What is this madness,
I see in your eyes?

From whence comes this rage
which numbs your mind?

How could you want me in ways
not befitting?
To impregnate me,
to be the first,
to prove your manhood,
to give me experience.

Please don't touch me,
I pleaded!
For all you thought
you gave
You stripped me.

Impregnate: while the word means to make pregnant, an alternative meaning includes to furnish with some actuating or modifying element,infect. Source: Dictionary
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